Our Journey

Founded in 2018, Element by Shangri-la is an eclectic home decor and furnishings company that provides distinct elements from around the world. Located in Winter Garden, Florida, Element by Shangri-la has a wide variety of elements ranging from furniture and architectural elements to home decor and accessories. The founder of the company is Smita Patel, who you might also know as the founder of the premier event decor company, Occasions by Shangri-la. Smita has been importing authentic global decor for event use since 2005, and is now expanding her journey to the retail side in order to make her hand-selected finds locally accessible. Smita's main goal is to import culture and bridge the gap between international artisans of the world and you. Smita has a passion for exploring different towns and cities while searching for talented artisans and discovering their quality work. Her vision and expertise in selecting rare, unique pieces while traveling around the world truly shows in all of our products. We take our knowledge of western culture and add our personal design to these handcrafted items by sharing our refinishing ideas with local artisans. These high-quality finds that we source are transformed into modern decor using techniques that include bleaching, whitewashing, and applying a wax finish. The end result is providing exquisite, functional pieces that are ready to furnish your home or office. There is sure to be a unique piece of culture waiting just for you within our wide selection of elements. We welcome you to join us and become a part of our journey of #importingculture.